Scientific Program

  • Audiology and Otology
  • Neurotology, Balance Disorders and Equilibrium
  • Phoniatrics, Laryngology and Swallowing Disorders
  • Sleep Medicine and Sleep Surgery
  • Head and Neck Surgery and Oncology
  • Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology
  • Rhinology and Facial Plastic Surgery
  • Miscellaneous

Due to the ongoing sanitary emergency and the resulting ban on attending meetings until the 1st of July 2021, the 107th SIOeChCF National Congress will necessarily be virtual, only and the hybrid format has been cancelled.
The participation on line will be regulated as follows:

  • all registrees will receive a link and a personal and univocal code to enter the live session;
  • there will be 4 parallel sessions on several different topics that will be broadcast live in streaming. Participants will be able to choose which one to attend according to their preferences and will also be able to switch from one session to another whenever they like. In addition to the live sessions, accepted pre-recorded contributions will be available on demand 24-hours-a-day on dedicated pages of the website;
  • participants will be able to interact with the Speakers by using the appropriate box located on the live streaming page;
  • the live streaming sessions will be broadcast every morning and afternoon (live surgery sessions will also be broadcast every morning from 4 operating theaters) and will include mainly Round Tables, Lectures held by International Guests and other contributions that appear to be of common interest since they may complement or integrate the topics on the agenda, or that are considered of particular interest; communications that received the highest marks from the Referees will also be broadcast in live streaming.
  • in addition to live sessions, accepted contributions will be available on demand on dedicated pages of the website, grouped according to the topics of presentation and easily accessible through several different searching criteria;
  • every presenter of scientific contributions must be regularly registered to the Congress;
  • registration to the Congress has to be completed through the appropriate registration Form, on the Registration web page.
  • The complete Scientific Program will be published shortly.


The originally envisaged length of presentations of the scientific contributions has been modified and adapted to the necessities of the online format.
Presenters of the accepted Contributions will have their own works published on the appropriate pages of the live website, grouped according to topics and will be available on demand for the entire duration of the Congress. For this reason a pre-recorded audio-video of their own contribution must be sent to the Organizing Secretary. Every author will receive specific instructions on the modalities of presentation of their own contribution.
Scientific contributions may be presented either in Italian or English, according to the preferences of the Presenter. The Scientific Secretary will mantain a balance between the languages used in the presentations.

Instructional Courses

A specific report concerning any subject concerning Otorhinolaryngology, analyzed into details. The Course can be held by 1, 2 or preferably 3 Authors, coming from the same or from different institutions. Discussion will take place one-to-one via email. Total length: 15 minutes.

How I do it

Presentation of a specific diagnostic or therapeutic procedure (whether surgical or not) with an explicit practical purpose. Presentation of the “how I do it” will have to be registered according to the instructions that will be sent to authors. Discussion will take place one-to-one via email. Total length: 10 minutes.

Round Table and Round Tables Real Practice Discussion

A classic formula for comparison or integration among several speakers about a particular topic of current interest. The Round Table will include a Coordinator, 3 to 5 Panelists and a Chairman. Total length up to 3 Panelists: 30 minutes. Total length up to 5 Panelists: 40 minutes.

It happened to me…

Narration of a particularly eloquent/curious/unexpected clinical case characterized by useful training cues, presented by an “under 40” colleague. Final discussion will take place one-to-one via email. Total length: 8 minutes.


The subjects of Communications/videos can be chosen freely. Final discussion will take place one-to-one via email. Total length: 5 minutes. Videos will be preliminary tested by the audio-video technicians to check if the multimedia files are compatible with the screening and projecting devices.
For further assistance please contact the Organizing Secretary.


A short video with a maximum duration of 150 seconds, with subtitles but without audio commentary. Miniclips will be published on the pages of the live website, grouped according to topics. Miniclips will not be discussed. Total length: 150 seconds.

3D Video

The online format does not allow the projection of 3D Videos.


Posters will be published on the pages of the live website and will be available on demand for the entire duration of the Congress, grouped according to topics. Posters will not be discussed.

How to do…

(tips and tricks in the daily professional practice)

Practical training courses that will be held upon invitation, concerning commonly performed procedures, by very experienced Surgeons together with two very young Discussants.